I read somewhere that Americans have become unhealthier statistically because of the recession. WTF??

You don't need money to exercise! I'm going to try and show that you can get in to shape without spending money - use your environment creatively and you can succeed in attaining better health. My dad is a retired coach and P.E. teacher, and much to his chagrin I've been a lazy ass my whole life. Maybe I can finally put his knowledge to good use, as well as shape up and make him proud!

If you have a creative idea to share be sure to let me know ! I'll post the best photos/videos/links here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Its hard to stay on any kind of diet and exercise regimen when you travel - but that's still no excuse.  Especially if you travel a lot or for extended periods of time.  This is me speaking from experience; I gained a nice big pot belly in Ireland that I named "Murphy" that only months of mountain biking finally has got me down to my pre-pubbing weight.  Sheesh.  So don't make the same mistakes.  Easy enough to get exercise and eat healthy.  Or at least try.  When I dine out I try to eat the healthiest and most difficult thing to prepare on the menu.  I usually order fish, as I never make fish at home (don't be impressed - I don't make chicken, beef, or pork at home either - not because of any anti-meat mantra but just because I'm too lazy).  I love a good Caesar or Greek salad too.  Both are not exactly 'healthy' but better than the chili fries.  And I bet your hotel has a spa or recreation room.  Mine always do.  You'd be surprised how energizing a run on the treadmill is or maybe a lap in the pool.  Exercise will refresh you more than a nap will.  I know, it makes no sense.  Last week after a long day in the car and stomping around the Hoover dam the last thing you'd want to do is go for a run.  But my buddy and I hit the gym and consequently were energizer bunnies until the wee hours of the morning in a city that doesn't sleep anyway.  No gym at the hotel?  I bet they have stairs....  Hobble your lip - no excuses!

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