I read somewhere that Americans have become unhealthier statistically because of the recession. WTF??

You don't need money to exercise! I'm going to try and show that you can get in to shape without spending money - use your environment creatively and you can succeed in attaining better health. My dad is a retired coach and P.E. teacher, and much to his chagrin I've been a lazy ass my whole life. Maybe I can finally put his knowledge to good use, as well as shape up and make him proud!

If you have a creative idea to share be sure to let me know ! I'll post the best photos/videos/links here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Swimming is the best form of exercise


Its a total clichée but also so true; low-impact and full-body. I try and swim as often as possible. Will miss this a lot during the coming cold winter months.

Better Health = Better Sex

The fact that research needs to validate this obvious point continues to amuse me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Healthy Mind. Healthy Heart. Healthy Soul.

Peace on earth

On the eve of the Sept. 11 bombing anniversary, I still don't understand what motivates people to hate so much. There is so much beauty in the world, why focus on the negative? If your religion suggests you need to blow yourself up while destroying those who disagree with your point of view, might I suggest you rethink your religious choices? Or just kill yourself quietly in a corner somewhere. Let the rest of us enjoy our brief stay on planet earth, and enjoy what she has to offer. Peace!

Be Patient

Rome was not built in a day, so they say.  Don't expect results overnight when it comes to your health.  I've always thought you should look like what your lifestyle creates - more 'lean and mean' than bulky and sporting big muscles.  For me its more about making sustainable changes in my life to prolong it.  I'm probably past the halfway point now, and how many more days I get is entirely up to me.  Its a huge responsibility, but I think its totally worth it.  If you need some motivation, watch the sun rise and set.  I'll take as many days as I can!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Swimming is the best form of exercise

Its total cliche but its true - low impact and full-body.  I've been trying to swim as often as possible.  Made this video yesterday when I found an empty beer can and became upset over it.  Fitness people includes a healthy planet!! 

Motocross is about Fitness

As the weather cools I've been dreaming about getting back on a dirt bike.  Its still a dream for awhile.  But fitness is a big part of success on two wheels.  Here, learn from the pros!