I read somewhere that Americans have become unhealthier statistically because of the recession. WTF??

You don't need money to exercise! I'm going to try and show that you can get in to shape without spending money - use your environment creatively and you can succeed in attaining better health. My dad is a retired coach and P.E. teacher, and much to his chagrin I've been a lazy ass my whole life. Maybe I can finally put his knowledge to good use, as well as shape up and make him proud!

If you have a creative idea to share be sure to let me know ! I'll post the best photos/videos/links here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There are no "Short-cuts"

You know what kind of people succeed in life? The ones who 'try'. I have never met anyone with a huge paycheck that didn't also have a huge headache. There are no free lunches, and anything that seems too good to be true, generally is. I say all this as I was on a road trip recently, flipping around the radio dial as is my summer tradition, and came across what I thought was a talk show about health. It was, as it turns out, a clever infomercial posing as a call-in talk show. They were selling some miracle anti-aging pill. They blathered on and on about the convenience factor of this amazing pill, which captured all of those magnificent anti-aging properties found in carrots and spinach. Why not just eat the vegetables fresh? Exactly. <insert sound of munching carrot here>

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