I read somewhere that Americans have become unhealthier statistically because of the recession. WTF??

You don't need money to exercise! I'm going to try and show that you can get in to shape without spending money - use your environment creatively and you can succeed in attaining better health. My dad is a retired coach and P.E. teacher, and much to his chagrin I've been a lazy ass my whole life. Maybe I can finally put his knowledge to good use, as well as shape up and make him proud!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Splenda is far from Splendid

So I was eating some canned peach slices (childhood favorite) that I'd purchased specifically because it said in big letters on the can "No Sugar Added!".  To my horror, mid-bite, I also noted a tiny little blurb "Sweetened with Splenda".  WTF?  The whole point of my buying this can was to avoid sweeteners of any kind, and just have natural fruit!  This is of course very difficult in the United States, where consumer taste buds have been bombarded since birth with sugar, and anything less sweet than a Big Gulp Dr. Pepper is unsalable wood, apparently.  Well I for one do not want any artificial sweetners in my body.  Hard to be serious about health and then eat something that was developed by accident while making pesticides.  Seriously.  Splenda starts life as a sugar molecule, with some of the bonds replaced with chlorine - CHLORINE!! - not really something you want in your body!  When given to test rodents in the lab they suffered from dangerous side effects such as shrunken thymus glands, and enlarged livers and kidneys.  You want this in your body why??  The pro Splenda people (i.e. the ones who make tons of money selling it) claim your body doesn't recognize the molecule as food, and will pass it on.  But typically 15% always gets absorbed, more in healthy people (nice irony huh?).  So no to Splenda.  Or Aspartame.  Or Nutrasweet.  All just time-bombs doing nasty things a little at a time in your body.  Don't focus on 'weight' - the goal is 'health and longevity'.  You won't grow old using artificial sweetners.

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